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    Hoover fragrance discs

  • Hoover fragrance discs
  • £3.99
  • Fabulous fragranced discs to pop into your hoover dust bag or area to release fragrances into your home every time you hoover. Each pack contains four discs in your chosen fragrance and comes in a resealable pouch for your convenience and gully CPL compliant

    available in :

    •Inspired by Alien

    •Inspired by Daisy

    •Inspired by Creed

    •Inspired by mademoiselle

    •Inspired by flower bomb

    •Inspired by snow fairy

    •Inspired by lady million

    •Inspired by dove soap

    •sherbet lemon

    •pineapple cubes




    •clean cotton

    •spring awakening

    •mountain air

    •Blueberry and jasmine

    •avo bath

    •inspired by bliss unstoppable

    • Home Scents and cleaning
    • 20g
    • BB5228


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