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          • Soap infused sponges
          • soap infused exfoliating sponges , soaked in your choice of decadent fragrance .

            available in the following fragrances(please stipulate your choice in the additional info box when ordering):

            Pineapple cubes , Sherbet Lemon , Watermelon , Tangerine , Mademoiselle Dupe , Creed Dupe , Alien Dupe , Lady Million Dupe , Flower bomb Dupe , banana, fruit cocktail, dove soap. daisy dupe.

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            • Pack of 4 shower steamers
            • This beautiful. colourful and amazingly fragranced pack of four shower steamers is a must for those who enjoy the aromatherapy of essential oils in the shower. They are :-

              'Wake me up' lemongrass and spearmint essential oils to awaken your senses in the morning.

              'Wind me up' lemongrass and rosemary essential oils to invigorate.

              'Wind me down' rose geranium and bergamot essential oils to relax and de-stress

              'Send me to sleep' lavender and bergamot essential oils to leave you sleepy and mellow.

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